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  • Cuddles


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  • Festive Fun

    Festive Fun

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  • Lilac Surprise

    Lilac Surprise

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  • Waltzing With Daises

    Waltzing With Daises

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  • A Little Caribbean

    A Little Caribbean

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  • Birthday Brilliance

    Birthday Brilliance

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  • Dare To Wish

    Dare To Wish

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  • Kisses


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  • It's A Kind Of Magic

    It's A Kind Of Magic

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  • Lush Purples

    Lush Purples

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  • Fifth Avenue

    Fifth Avenue

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  • Enchanted Blooms

    Enchanted Blooms

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Essentially, flower stories were initially brought about by the public. These stories have come to duplicate the ideals and thoughts of humanity. Just by means of propagation, a flower is but a plant. Nevertheless, before all these features were comprehended, flowers were always a foundation for pleasure and enjoyment sense and smell.

The aroma of a flower can be very elusive. It creates its own particular scent for a satisfaction of not being dependent on encouraging something different. Being linked to loving memories, brings the perfume of a spring flower to mind, so the perfume of a flower, not only indicates a particular episode, but the calmness and peace of mind of an every-day event.

Getting a little profound here? Stay with me.

Folklore shows us that the ancient Egyptians had the rose flower as a type of symbol in their mystical rites, recognizing them for a sacred entity. At the time, many articulated the rose as a consecration to the Goddess Isis for a sign of rebirth.

Nonetheless, Grecian mythology articulated that the rose was sacred to the Goddess Venus – so, we can make our own choice on the matter!

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Discover Ventura, California

The city of Ventura is situated between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, along U S Route 101. With a population of approximately 109,000 inhabitants, Ventura is a section of the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Individuals have existed along this part of the California coast for at least ten thousand years. Officially recognized as San Buenaventura, the ninth of the California missions was established in 1782 by Father Junipero Serra. He baptized it after the Italian St. Bonaventure, henceforth, “city of good fortune” became Ventura’s nickname.

The City of San Buenaventura was amalgamated in 1866. The records of the initial City Council meetings were logged in Spanish, which was still the overriding language during that time. When Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties split in 1873, Ventura became the County seat. That identical year, a wharf and courthouse were constructed, the first public library was formed and a bank was opened.

After an oil strike in 1914, rapid development occurred, an in the years succeeding World War II, grazing land gave way to outer residential expansion. Growth has slackened in recent times as Ventura has developed into a coastal municipality known for its picturesque hillsides and coastline, rich culture, invigorated historic Downtown and ecological stewardship. 

A visionary General Plan by the City Council was adopted in 2005 that the Ventura County Star to be celebrated as “a model for other communities.” Throughout the present economic predicament, the City Council has concentrated on bringing significant services within available means, thereby encouraging sustainable wealth.

With an elected seven member City Council, the City of Ventura offers a full assortment of services to 109,000 residents as it functions under the “Council/Manager” method of government under a charter approved by voters in 1934. Serving a term of two years, the Mayor is selected from among the City Council.

Archaeological discoveries in the region advise that humans have inhabited the area for at least 10,000-12,000 years. Historical research establishes that the Chumash People have deep origins in the southern and central coastal districts of California, and has exposed relics from their culture. Shisholop Village is recognized having been the site of a Chumash village.

In 1769, the first chronicled European visitors to inland areas of California were the Spanish Portola Expedition.  They came down the Santa Clara River Valley from the preceding night's camp near today's Saticoy, and settled near the passage of the Ventura River.

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